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In the years following New York City’s Stonewall riots in 1969, three distinct legal cases pushed for what would become, decades later, a nationwide reality: the right of same-sex couples to marry.


The public is enraged when a gorilla is killed at a zoo, but much less so when one is killed in the wild, says Irus Braverman.


Media outlets will now think twice before publishing sensational or sexual content, Samantha Barbas says.


Though a different model, Facebook should be held to same standard as traditional media, says Mark Bartholomew.


The Advocacy Institute – the UB School of Law’s newest signature initiative to train students to become the best advocates in the profession – has named of a high-profile National Advisory Board.


Five UB law professors will discuss whether the current presidential candidates can fulfill their campaign promises within the present government system at a program to be held April 11, in O’Brian Hall.


Experts from Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International will be among presenters at the symposium at UB.


The public now sees that the iPhone is vulnerable in some sense, says Mark Bartholomew.


A town hall meeting on the 2017 referendum will be held April 5 at UB.


This battle is about much more than just unlocking a single cell phone, says Mark Bartholomew.