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The entrepreneurs recently took home third-place prizes in a statewide business plan competition.


Researchers cite Big Tobacco's marketing stronghold on African American smokers among reasons why this group is 12% less likely to quit.


Improving our understanding of adolescent substance use will help physicians better address the health needs and risk factors in this vulnerable population.


A UB-led research team has used public narratives, an increasingly popular form of person-centered advocacy offering a forum for sharing previously untold stories, to study the undue stress experienced by women in relation to abortion.


The program screened more than 800 elementary students from six schools.


UB-led research reveals how fluctuating air pollution at the Beijing Olympics affected local residents’ bodies at the level of metabolites.


UB-led research is first to report an association between long-term exposure to ozone and atherosclerosis.


Nearly half of children with cardiomyopathy either undergo a heart transplant or die within two years of being diagnosed.


To treat Candida albicans, a common yeast that can cause illness in those with weakened immune systems, University at Buffalo researchers limited the fungus’ access to iron, an element crucial to the organism’s survival.


Marijuana use episodes among couples who frequently use the drug increase the likelihood of experiencing intimacy events, according to the results of a University at Buffalo-led study.