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Environment and Sustainability

News about UB’s environmental programs and related sustainability initiatives. (see all topics)


The grant, part of a $35 million nationwide investment, supports artificial intelligence research to make vehicles emission-free.


The study provides evidence that climate change can both inhibit and facilitate invasive species growth.


UB architect's embossed building 'skin' concept was a finalist in an international competition aimed at designing more environmentally friendly skyscrapers.


UB’s Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy and Buffalo Environmental Law Journal will bring together noted experts to discuss how law and policy can help society address the changing climate.


Inspired by bird and insect behavior, engineers create software designed to enable teams of common UAVs to work together.


For a plant, the evolutionary pathways to becoming a carnivore may be limited, researchers say.


Researchers will tackle urban infrastructure and groundwater, air pollution, green infrastructure and stormwater management, and development of lower-cost solar cells.


The applications could be vast — from dramatically extending the range of drones, to powering back-up generators for remote cell towers, to tiny hydrogen generating machines for cars that run on it.


The device could aid people lacking drinking water and those affected by natural disasters.


Using computational and experimental techniques, UB scientists provide first evidence that carbamates can upset circadian rhythms.