Environment and Sustainability

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The efforts — part of the Monarch Watch program — can help to promote conservation.


UB sociologist interviewed 32 biologists, ecologists, engineers, industry experts and government officials about their inability to guarantee whether or not Asian carp would invade the Great Lakes.


Stakeholders from across the region met at a 3-day workshop in Buffalo this week.


Engineers report advancements in radiative cooling in a new study in Nature Sustainability.


The $528,000 grant, awarded to UB RENEW scientist Kang Sun, will examine levels of nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, formaldehyde and other pollutants.


David Lacy is developing cheaper, more sustainable alternatives to ruthenium-based compounds used in industry.


Lab work, ethics and social media are all on the agenda, with the goal of helping students become well-rounded scientists.


Organizations in Buffalo and Long Island, as well as North Carolina, Massachusetts and Ohio, will start or expand their operations as part of UB research project.


In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, peace and economic opportunity are percolating, thanks to UB efforts to develop a more inclusive coffee value chain.


Lined with bird shelters and bat boxes, “Life Support” is a living art sculpture that will serve as a functional habitat for a wide variety of bats, birds and reptiles.