News about UB’s graduate education programs and our partnerships with local schools. (see all topics)


UB social work researcher led team that developed and tested P-OSE, a new scale that can be used for specific schools or as part of district-wide improvement plans.


The institite will bring together district, school, community, and university stakeholders to explore collaborative models for teacher education.


SUNY community colleges in Erie, Genesee and Niagara counties collectively provide over 200 academic degrees and certificates.


Donald Paulk and Paula Oliver were recognized as success stories by the center, which helps those with limited educational and financial opportunities.


A national leader in digital library initiatives, technology and innovation, Weinraub joins UB from Northwestern University.


A UB psychologist has received a $2.2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to examine the critical developmental and educational transition children make when moving from pre-k to kindergarten.


The Goldwater is the premier scholarship in the U.S. for undergraduate students pursuing research careers in STEM fields.


‘Kevin’ is among the Graduate School of Education’s artificial intelligence tutors that can help in many educational scenarios.


How to keep your grants and loans in good standing, according to UB’s resident expert on college access and financial aid.


UB’s Center for Industrial Effectiveness (TCIE), the business outreach arm for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, managed course production.