International Student Fee

Degree-seeking international students are required to pay the International Student fee every Fall/Spring semester they are enrolled at UB.

Fee Information

All matriculated (degree-seeking) international students at the University at Buffalo are be required to pay a fee of $100 each semester they are enrolled at UB. 

Some students are exempt from the International Student Fee. These groups are:

- non-matriculated students

- students in the non-credit Intensive English Program of UB's English Language Institute

- junior high and high school students in UB's Gifted Math Program

- exchange students studying at UB under specific institutional partner agreements (Note: Not all exchange students are exempt from the fee) 

- students who are authorized by the University to spend the entire semester outside the U.S.

- individuals who are on a University at Buffalo-sponsored employee visa that is obtained through UB’s Office of Immigration Services (Note:  Dependents of such individuals are also exempt from paying the International Student Fee.)

- students who drop all classes by the published liability deadline for University fees (also known as the end of the drop/add period. A calendar of liability dates is available on Student Accounts' website.)

- students who change their status to one of the following immigration categories (Your new status must be reflected in University records prior to the add/drop period to qualify for a fee exemption for that semester.)
    * U.S. Permanent Resident
    * Refugee/Asylee
    * Temporary Protected Status
    * Adjustment of Status applicant (Form I-485 receipt notice required) 
    * Undocumented Alien

Can I apply for a fee exemption?

If you believe you were charged the International Student Fee in error, complete the form below. The deadline for submitting a request is 5:00 p.m. on last day to add/drop classes for fall or spring semester. Only requests relating to the exemptions above will be considered.