Campus Culture Survey

2019 UB Campus Culture Survey.

As a university, we share a deep commitment to integrating inclusive excellence into all aspects of university operations and fostering a welcoming community that enables all members to thrive. Achieving inclusive excellence requires a cycle of transparent evaluation and continuous improvement to ensure that UB continues to be a diverse and inclusive community. To this end, UB conducted a Campus Culture Survey of UB students, faculty, staff and administrators across all three campuses in spring 2019.

About the Survey

Conducted by the Office of Inclusive Excellence, the wide-ranging Campus Culture Survey was developed in collaboration with the assessment and benchmarking education technology firm Skyfactor. The survey took about 15 minutes to complete and responses were completely anonymous.

The survey was designed to measure the inclusiveness of UB’s academic environment. It was administered in two rounds:

  • In March, UB conducted the student survey, focused on their perceptions of UB as a welcoming and diverse learning and work environment
  • In April, UB conducted the survey for faculty and staff examining UB as a welcoming and diverse work environment

UB will use Campus Culture Survey data to establish university priorities and target policy and program improvements in areas that enhance inclusive excellence. In addition, the survey will contribute to ongoing facilitated campus conversations related to balancing academic freedom, freedom of expression and inclusivity.  

Further Information

How did students, faculty, and staff participate?

They received a secure, individualized link to the survey in an email from Skyfactor prior to the beginning of the the survey. No action was required to receive this secure link.

Were students and employees required to participate?

Survey participation was completely voluntary, and individuals had the right to not answer specific questions or discontinue the survey at any time. However, UB strongly urged all students, faculty, staff and administrators to complete the survey.

How were privacy and anonymity maintained?

The survey was administered by Skyfactor to ensure the complete anonymity of all participants. The survey was 100% anonymous. Upon completion of each survey, respondents clicked a link sending it directly to Skyfactor.


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