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The $3 million award will support a new Department of Indigenous Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences.


Finding a Native American dentist is rare. A new program at the School of Dental Medicine aims to change that.


PhD student Jennifer Martin, recipient of an NIH diversity in neuroscience award, talks about how she became a scientist and why she studies drug addiction.


UB education researcher Sameer Honward is using podcasts to align with  Native Americans' traditional way of gathering knowledge through oral traditions.


UB researcher Melanie Sage is working to improve states’ compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act.


UB Nursing will use the funding to increase access to mental health care and substance abuse treatment in American Indian communities.


Ciaran Williams will continue his theoretical work for the Large Hadron Collider and start a science club for Native American students.


For nursing assistant dean Margaret Moss, improving the lives of Native Americans in any way possible is "part of who I am."


The American Indian College Fund assists Native Americans with scholarships and programs to promote student success.


A talk by UB nursing researcher Margaret Moss will explore why the health of Native populations remains a mystery.


The UB Libraries is among a handful of sites to premier an exhibition that shares Native views on health and illness.


UB faculty member Margaret Moss has published the nation’s first nursing textbook tailored to perhaps the least understood minority population in the U.S.


UB faculty member James Jarvis testified before a congressional subcommittee about the need to support critical health programs serving American Indian and Alaska Native children.

BUFFALO, N.Y. – The Indian Health Service (IHS) and the University at Buffalo have agreed to work together to improve the health of Native Americans in New York State and Southern Ontario.