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All events will be remote/virtual due to COVID-19 precautions

Inclusive Excellence Events

Perspectives on Anti-Racist Pedagogies

Date & Time: Monday, November 30, 4:00-5:00pm (click here to register)

Intended Audience: UB Faculty and Instructors

Given the current and prevailing awareness of systemic inequities, educational institutions are pushing to develop programs that honor diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice. In this session, a panel of doctoral students in the Department of Learning and Instruction (Graduate School of Education), who are also members of the Anti-Racist Reading Collective for Justice, will discuss what it means to be “anti-racist” as students and educators and how anti-racist practice, like abolitionist teaching, has been misrepresented and diluted to preserve the status quo. Through role-play scenarios grounded in lived experiences and research, panelists will illuminate the complexities of anti-racist pedagogies in more concrete ways.

Additional University Events

Electric Lights, Tourist Sights: Gendering Dispossession and Settler Colonial Infrastructure at Niagara Falls

Date & Time: Thursday December 3, 4:00pm (Online) 

Intended Audience: UB Faculty, Staff, and Students 

Niagara Falls has become an important monument marking the boundary of the United States northern border and Canada’s Southern border. For Seneca people however, the falls are the place where the Thunder Beings reside and thus it is a place instrumental to Seneca experience of place. Built up as a tourist site in the early 1900s and later marketed as a honeymoon site, Niagara Falls becomes an important geographical area to extend the work of Mishuana Goeman, a 2020-2021 UB Center for Diversity Innovation Distinguished Visiting Scholar and Associate Professor of Gender Studies, American Indian Studies, and affiliated faculty of Critical Race Studies in the Law School, UCLA. Goeman's work in examining state produced space (such as making of monuments and jurisdictions) and Indigenous place-making (such as the reflection of experiences through intergenerational stories regarding specific sites, that in turn produce a value system). RSVP here to receive the Zoom link. (note: if you previously registered, you will receive the updated link)

Sponsored by The Center for Diversity Innovation and the Gender Institute

It Takes a Community to Overcome Health Disparities: COVID-19

Date & Time: Monday December 7, 5:45-7:00pm (Online) 

Intended Audience: UB Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, and General Public  

Join UB's School of Nursing for a conversation with the key leaders in the African American Health Equity Task Force (AAETF) and Buffalo Center for Health Equity. The panel will share the history of this community partnership and the novel strategies they used to respond to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on the African American, Latinx and other communities of color in Buffalo. Speakers will discuss the impact of social determinants of health on outcomes among African Americans in these communities. To learn more or register visit the UB Events Calendar.

Sponsored by University at Buffalo School of Nursing Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

Recognizing the Impact: Supporting Communities of Color during times of Crisis

Date & Time: Friday December 11, 12:00-1:00pm

Intended Audience: UB Faculty, Staff and Students

This workshop focuses on exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on marginalized communities. This program will take an intersectional approach to identifying the various ways that these communities are uniquely affected by national crises. Additionally, facilitators will offer strategies for self/community care aimed at improving and maintaining mental wellness. Join online at: https://buffalo.zoom.us/j/96288822521?pwd=QllFSjYzc3dXS3FBNkZYL294TXF2UT09

Sponsored by Counseling Services

Ongoing Events

Intercultural and Diversity Center Events

The Intercultural and Diversity Center (IDC) is committed to supporting all students on campus. By focusing on personal identity, advocacy and other critical issues that are facing society today, the IDC helps students broaden their perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of our ever-changing world. To find out more about their upcoming events, visit the IDC UBLinked page.

Sponsored by the Intercultural and Diversity Center

Students of Color Support Group

Date & Time: Tuesdays 2:30-4:00pm (Online)

Intended Audience: UB Students

This semi-structured support group is committed to providing an affirming space for Students of Color to reflect on their experiences at a Predominately White Institution. In this group we recognize the unique challenges of Students of Color and aim to foster a community for students to give voice to their experiences, gain support, and develop healthy coping strategies. Topics explored in this group include but are not limited to: navigating microaggressions, feelings of isolation, imposter syndrome, family/social relationships, and maintaining healthy self-care in the current socio-political climate. Please contact UB Counseling Services at 716-645-2720 and ask to speak to a counselor about joining the group.

Sponsored by UB Counseling Services

LGBTQ Support Group

Date & Time: Thursdays 3:00-4:30pm (Online)

Intended Audience: UB Students

This is a group for students who are questioning or exploring their gender identity and/or their sexual identity. It is also for students who identify as gender variant, transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or queer. The goal of the group is to provide a safe, supportive and confidential forum to talk about multiple identities, coming out, relationships with family and friends, dating, academics, transitioning, homophobia, transphobia, the “isms”, and other issues of interest to members. Please contact UB Counseling Services at 716-645-2720 and ask to speak to a counselor about joining the group.

Sponsored by UB Counseling Services

International Student Support Group

Date & Time: Wednesdays 3:00-4:30pm (Online)

Intended Audience: UB Students

This group will provide a safe, supportive, and comfortable place for international students to discuss adjustment stressors and cross-cultural experiences in the U.S. The group will also provide a safe and confidential environment for group members to share information and support each other. Please contact UB Counseling Services at 716-645-2720 and ask to speak to a counselor about joining the group.

Sponsored by UB Counseling Services

Unlearning Racism Group

Date & Time: Mondays 2:30-4:00pm (Online)

Intended Audience: UB Students

This group provides a supportive environment in which people who hold white privilege can explore and question their roles in the perpetuation of racism. Among other things, group members examine various aspects of white privilege and gain understanding about how they can become allies to People of Color. Please contact UB Counseling Services at 716-645-2720 and ask to speak to a counselor about joining the group.

Sponsored by UB Counseling Services

New Parenting Support Group

Date & Time: 12:00-1:00pm on the third Tuesday of each month, starting September 15

Intended Audience: UB Employees

In this group parents will meet and discuss issues related to parenting during these difficult times. Members will exchange ideas and coping strategies, success stories and insights, encouraging words and practical advice. Support groups work because people have the opportunity to spend time with others who understand them, as they are experiencing similar situations.  If interested, or for more information, contact Neil McGillicuddy at 716-645-4458 or nm23@buffalo.edu.

Sponsored by Employee Assistance (EAP)

Documenting the UB Community Experience during COVID-19 Pandemic

Date & Time: Submit anytime

Intended Audience: UB Students, Faculty and Staff

The University Archives is launching a project to encourage students, faculty and staff to document their personal experiences during the COVID-19 outbreak and contribute them to the University Archives. Students have been impacted by great change to their learning environments, living situations, employment, and social connections. Faculty have adapted the ways in which they deliver course materials and interact with students. Staff have adjusted to changes in their work environments, both at home and on campus, all while coping with momentous change in daily routines, family life, and personal health and safety. By collecting and preserving these perspectives the University Archives supports the research mission of the university, allowing future students, researchers, and scholars to study the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, an undoubtedly transformative event in the history of student life and the academic experience at UB. Visit University Archives webpage for more information.

Sponsored by University Libraries