Clinical Research Facilitation


Administering to a patient volunteer in the Clinical Research Center

The clinical research facilitation office is your point of entry for access to the services and resources offered by UB’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute. 

Steering researchers to the resources they need

The CTSI comprehensive research facilitation system makes research support more accessible to researchers and streamlines processes. We provide assistance that is tailored to suit individual investigator needs. 

A single contact with a clinical research facilitator connects an investigator with Buffalo Translational Consortium resources coordinated by the Clinical Research Office (CRO), which assembles a team to support the investigator to plan a proposal and conduct a study — from start-up to closure and dissemination of results.

Our individualized, comprehensive approach to research support offers you an array of resources, strategies and tools to meet your team's project goals. 


Research Facilitation

Research facilitators assist in linking researchers with the right support services for proposal development and project execution. The facilitation process can be initiated after an initial contact through the CTSI's service request portal, a visit to the CTRC, a personal contact, an email or a phone call.

The facilitators triage the movement of studies through the various university research systems and can arrange consultations and services with any of the CTSI cores.

Regulatory Assistance

Our regulatory administrator provides clinical regulatory assistance, guidance and education to investigators and study coordinators.

The regulatory administrator will work directly with the investigator, the sponsor and, if needed, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to accurately complete the necessary forms for IRB submission, ensuring adherence with national regulatory and institutional requirements and helping to eliminate potential bottlenecks and costly delays.

For more information on registering studies in including FAQs, a " Registration Guide" is available for investigators and their research teams.

Recruitment Assistance

Participant recruitment can pose a challenge for clinical trial teams. We assist researchers across the Buffalo Translational Consortium in preparing and implementing successful recruitment strategies, with a special emphasis on recruiting underserved minorities and special populations. Our recruitment team can facilitate access to resources during any phase of a research study.

Our clinical research recruitment coordinator works with research coordinators and investigators to identify and facilitate appropriate recruitment strategies for clinical studies and to develop and implement novel recruitment strategies, including:

  • Initial consultations
  • Assistance with developing advertising materials (flyers, brochures, radio, newspaper, bus shelter ads)


CTSI Cores

We are the point of entry for researchers seeking assistance from the Clinical and Translational Institute (CTSI). We can put an investigator in touch with the right CTSI cores, or you can access access directly via the CTSI service request portal:

Clinical Research Office (CRO)

We can provide preliminary recommendations and referrals to in-depth consultations on:

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

We conduct pre-reviews of IRB submission to advise on:

  • Proper use of templates
  • Package submission requirements
  •  Section-by-section guidance on completion of a protocol (503 or 508) and consent
  • Navigating through Click IRB

Recruitment Resources

The single greatest obstacle to performing clinical research is recruiting people to participate in clinical trials. The CTSI recruitment coordinator will guide you through the many resources that are available to help investigators achieve their recruitment targets.