Community Engagement


Patient ambassadors Kathie Crocker, Pamela Harold and Deborah Hemphill

The CTSI Community Engagement core seeks to improve the health of Western New York residents through the alignment of community, research and training priorities with the goal of quickly assimilating findings from evidence-based research into clinical and community practice. 

Research driven by community involvement

Community-engaged research is research that matters:

  • Community buy-in can increase enrollment and retention
  • Input from community stakeholders better informs research design, leading to more culturally appropriate interventions
  • Community involvement builds mutual trust and respect between researchers and the community
  • Community-engaged research leads to greater opportunities to accelerate the translation of scientific findings into practice

How our team can help your research succeed

Project development

  • Consultation on research design, implementation, and/or dissemination
  • Mentorship on community-based or practice-based translational research
  • Review of grants, presentations, and/or manuscripts

Integrating the community into your research

  • Development of community advisement boards (CAB)
  • Connecting with community partners i.e. community based organization, health practice, church, etc.
  • Research trainings for community members
    • CITI human subjects
    • Basic research skill such as data collection, interviewing, etc.
  • Community feedback on research proposals/projects
  • Recruitment of special populations

Recruitment assistance

  • Advisement on recruitment strategies/techniques
  • Recruitment trainings
    • Community considerations with the enrollment process
    • Obtaining informed consent
    • Community interaction/safety during recruitment
  • ResearchMatch (a free recruitment tool and feasibility analysis resource for researchers)
  • Recruitment of special populations
    • Children (under 18)
    • Elders (65 and older)
    • Underrepresented groups (minorities, LGBT, rural, etc.)

Our clinical research recruitment coordinator works with research coordinators and investigators to identify and facilitate appropriate recruitment strategies for clinical studies and to develop and implement novel recruitment strategies, including:

  • Initial consultations
  • Assistance with developing advertising materials (flyers, brochures, radio, newspaper, bus shelter ads)