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University and Service Center fees provide revenue to fund self-supporting programs. Learn about fee processes and how to develop a new or update an existing fee.

Guidlines for Fee Approvals

  • Regardless of funding source, any service provided or good sold on campus must have an approved fee on file
  • If units identify any source of revenue that does not currently have an approved rate on file, please contact an expert for assistance
  • SUNY’s Fees, Rentals, and Other Charges Policy states:

 "In the event that a fee is imposed upon students without following the guidelines set forth within this policy, funds collected shall be refunded to the payee in full upon request made to the campus involved or by directive from System Administration.  Requests for refunds must be made within three years of the collection of the fee."

Steps in the Fee Development and Approval Process

  1. Download the applicable approval form (Service Center, University).
  2. Contact an expert to set up an initial consultation (if desired).
  3. Complete the initial questionnaire tab within the form and provide to Financial Management.
  4. Financial Management in collaboration with the department completes calculations and provides worksheets for review.
  5. Work with managers to finalize rate calculations.
  6. Once rates are agreed upon (Managers, Financial Management), the approval process can begin.
  7. The approval process begins within Financial Management then the documents are submitted to the following for approval:
    1. Departmental
      1. Manager (Service Center, University Fee Contact)
      2. Department Chair
      3. Unit Business Officer
    2. University Controller
    3. Provost Designee
    4. SUNY (when applicable)

Which Type of Fee Do You Want to Assess?

Fee Type
Fee Purpose
University Fee
  • All non-service center fees on campus.
  • Three distinct categories based on level of approval required:
  1. SUNY Board of Trustee Approved
  2. SUNY Chancellor Approved
  3. Campus Approved
State - Service Center Fee        
  • Organizations that provide specific technical or administrative services to support the internal operations of the university.
  • Recovers the cost of its operations through fees charged to users.
RF -Service Center Fee

Fee Process Calendar

Annual Fee Update Process

Date Action Description
July-October 15 Process Opens Annual update process for departments to submit fee changes for the following academic year
October 15 Cost Review Fee proposals due to Financial Management, 418 Crofts Hall for cost review
December 15 Fee Review Fees deemed complete and financially sound submitted to Resource Planning for consideration in the budget planning process
January-April Fee Review Fees included in the University budget profile and reviewed during the budget hearing process. Fees requiring SUNY approval submitted by Resource Planning to SUNY Central.
May Fee Approval Fees receive final approval from VP Finance and Administration and Provost. All notifications are sent. New fees established in HUB.
June Fee Invoicing New fees added to the billing process for the next academic year.
July 1 Fees Are Effective First date fees can be assessed.

*Summer Session and Winter Session fees will be exempt from the above dates. Paperwork will be accepted by Financial Services for Summer Session up to March 31st and Winter Session up to October 31st of the year the fee is being proposed for.

Develop and Manage a University Fee

First time creating a university fee?

Please contact a fee expert for an initial consultation to  help you get started.

Best Practices for Managing Fees

  • An annual review of cost vs. fees assessed should be conducted.
  • A new account should be established for each new fee.
  • Utilize the Student eBilling process when applicable for invoicing student-related fees.  For course-related fees indicate ALL courses this fee should be charged to.
  • Utilize the ePay process for collection of other applicable charges.
  • Utilize SIRI to review fee revenue (SIRI/Money/IFR account/IFR Fees).
  • If there is a difference between requested fee rate and total projected fee to recover the cost,  explain the subsidy.

Develop and Manage a Service Center Fee

Service centers provide services that support the internal operations of the university or can provide services to external users. Their main purpose is to recover the costs of its operations through charges to users.

First time creating a service center fee?

Please contact a fee expert for an initial consultation to  help you get started.

Service Center Fee Refresher

Develop a New Service Center Fee

Contact an expert to get started in the development of a new service center fee.

Modify an Existing Service Center Fee

Contact an expert to get started in the development of a new service center fee.

When modifying an existing service center rate you are required to take into account that the surplus or deficit of the service center.

To help you with the calculation of the surplus or deficit you can complete the break-even analysis worksheet.

Contact the Cost Accounting Team

Ian Frost

IFR, Revenue Accounting and Treasury Management

Financial Management

Phone: 716-645-0232


Carrie Hutchins

IFR, Revenue Accounting and Treasury Management

Financial Management

Phone: 716-645-2640


Valerie Dennis

Asset Management and Cost Accounting

Financial Management

Phone: 716-645-2604


Ashley Butcher

Asset Management and Cost Accounting

Financial Management

Phone: 716-645-1521


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