Value Stream Mapping

This course introduces value stream mapping (VSM) and its place within the overall problem-solving methodology of Lean: a diagnostic tool for identifying and quantifying waste in a process, and the first step in the journey to determining the root cause of a problem. Course topics include Kaizen, scope definition, team selection and engagement, project planning, VSM techniques, process metrics and root cause analysis.

Hours: 8

Learning Outcomes

  • Create and validate a value stream map
  • Use the current state map to start root cause analysis
  • Create a future state map that solves the root cause of the problem
  • Measure anticipated results to win support for change

Intended Audience

Anyone, from any industry, who wants to detect exactly where within a process a problem is occurring, from Lean rookies to those who have been disappointed in previous VSM activities; it is especially useful for those leading an improvement effort