International Health Insurance

Photo taken in Japan by Jinling Li.

All students and faculty or staff traveling abroad for University purposes or on University business are required to carry University-approved international health insurance.

International Health Insurance

One requirement for all students going abroad is that the student must have comprehensive health (emergency and non-emergency coverage, for medical and mental health) insurance that will directly pay international providers, as well as medical evacuation and repatriation coverage.  As a result of this requirement, students will be enrolled into and billed for the health insurance that is offered through SUNY. Students will be enrolled for the duration of their program abroad and once enrolled, will receive an email from the insurance company.

The email you receive from the insurance company will have your login instructions to your online account, where you access your insurance ID card. You will want to create the account and print out a few copies of your ID card.  The SUNY contracted health insurance company can assist with helping you find doctors and provide some insight into how healthcare works in the respective area(s) you will be travelling to. Keep their contact information handly while traveling.

If you are an international student already covered by the SUNY health insurance plan, then you will have no additional requirements for your study abroad participation.

For More Information

Visit the Student Health Insurance website, visit the Student Health Insurance office in 1Capen or contact the office via email at