Why Study Abroad is Right for You

  • Programs to fit your major and schedule

    In addition to the many programs UB offers, dozens directed by our faculty, you can choose from hundreds of programs offered by other SUNY campuses available all across the world.

    Hallstatter See, Austria
    Photo: Tyler Sleap

  • Enhance your education

    Studying abroad adds to your UB education through courses, research and learning environments not available at UB.

    Archaeological dig, Turkey
    Photo: Peter Biehl, Archaeology

  • You can afford it!

    Study abroad isn’t as expensive as you think; costs can be comparable to studying at UB, and they can be defrayed by one of our many scholarships.

    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Photo: Zachary Barkin, Architecture

  • Get ahead with study abroad

    Studying abroad gives you a real edge and makes your resume stand out.

    Sahara Desert, Morocco
    Photo: Julie Ficarra, International Studies

  • Navigate the world

    Studying abroad is one of the best ways to acquire global awareness and cross-cultural skills, essential tools for the global century.

    International Christian University, Japan
    Photo: Linda Huang, Business

  • Learn Another Language

    There is no better way to gain fluency in a language than through an immersion experience abroad.

    Shanghai, China
    Photo: Benny K. Higo, Communication

  • Be career-ready with study abroad

    Employers and graduate schools recognize the benefits of study abroad in preparing students for advanced study and careers in the global economy.

    Rabat, Morocco
    Photo: Zakaria Boucetta, Architecture

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