Other SUNY Course Articulation Process

For students participating in an Other-SUNY education abroad program who are interested in having their coursework abroad count for specific requirements at UB, please follow these instructions to complete TAURUS Articulation Request System (TARS) form. We encourage you to work on this with your Academic Advisor.

If the overseas courses that you are interested in do not already appear in TAURUS, on the ‘UB Course Equivalents’ page of the online program brochure, or in a chart featured on the ‘Programs Administered by SUNY’ page , you may have courses reviewed for major, minor, and/or UB Curriculum requirements using TARS.

Helpful Tips
  • It is recommended to meet with your Academic Advisor prior to/while submitting these requests.
  • Completion of a TARS request is the student's request for UB equivalents, but does not guarantee approval.
  • Be sure to include alternate courses in case you are unable to enroll in your first choice courses abroad.
  • The "Note" section of the TARS request page is a really good place to be extremely descriptive of what degree requirements you're looking to satisfy with the request.
  1. You may only submit one course request at a time. Your request will be declined if you submit multiple course requests at once. 
  2. Check in TAURUS first to see if the course(s) you plan on taking abroad are already articulated as UB credit. Simply search by school and type in the overseas institution's name. You'll then see a list of approved courses. If the overseas institution isn't in TAURUS, it is because no one has submitted any articulation requests for this overseas institution. **All requests for credit from the UB Department of Romance Languages & Literatures must be handled directly with the department, NOT through this process.**
  3. If you cannot find your intended course(s) in TAURUS, you will need to fill out a request via the TAURUS Articulation Request System (TARS). To complete the request, you will need to gather the following:
    1. Overseas course name
    2. Overseas course code
    3. Overseas course syllabus (if you're having trouble finding a syllabus, please contact the administering SUNY campus for help. The syllabus MUST be in English!)
  4. Once gathered, proceed to the TARS system and click the drop-down menu under "External Course(s)". Select "Other". Once opened, you will see several fields to fill out (University/Term/Course No./Course Title). 
    1. "University" - use the following nomenclature for this box: SA-Overseas Insitution-Administering SUNY Campus. Examples: SA-Yonsei University-SUNY Albany / SA-Semester at Sea-SUNY Plattsburgh / SA-CEA Barcelona-SUNY Binghamton. 
    2. "Term" - the term you will be abroad. Example: Spring 2024
    3. "Course No." - this is the overseas course number that appears on the overseas course syllabus. This must be filled out! If you can't find a course number, please contact the Education Abroad Office. 
    4. "Course Title" - the title of the overseas course. 
    5. Click "save changes"
  5. Click the drop-down menu under "Internal Course(s)"  and select the department that you're hoping to get UB credit for. For example, if you're looking for "MGO 336LEC Operations Analytics", you would select "MGO"
    1. If you are only looking for a Pathway credit and not a specific course, select "TR" from the drop down and select the Pathway you're looking for in the second drop down.
    2. You can also use the "Note" section at the bottom to indicate what pathway(s) you're looking for if you need a specific course AND a pathway.
  6. Select "This is a request for a course you plan to take while studying abroad through another SUNY institution"
  7. Use the "What degree requirement are you hoping to satisfy?" drop down and select the relevant answer. 
  8. Use the Notes section to add any specifics to your request. 
  9. Click Submit.

Please contact UB Study Abroad Programs via email (studyabroad@buffalo.edu), by phone (716-645-3912), or during walk-in hours from 11AM - 4PM in 201 Talbert Hall with any questions regarding these instructions.