Study Abroad Course Planning Form (UB programs only)

This form is for UB students going on UB education abroad programs. If you are a UB student going on an Other SUNY program, please refer to this page. For students who are interested in having their coursework abroad count for specific requirements at UB, we encourage you to review and complete the Study Abroad Course Planning Form with your Academic Advisor.

If the study abroad courses that you are interested in do not already appear in TAURUS, on the ‘UB Course Equivalents’ page of the online program brochure (for UB programs), or in a chart featured on the ‘Programs Administered by SUNY’ page (for Other SUNY programs), you may have courses reviewed for major, minor, and/or UB Curriculum requirements using the Study Abroad Course Planning Form.

Helpful Tips
  • Completion of the Study Abroad Course Planning Form is the student's request for UB equivalents, but does not guarantee approval.
  • Be sure to include alternate courses in case you are unable to enroll in your first choice courses abroad.

Please contact UB Study Abroad Programs via email (, by phone (716-645-3912), or during walk-in hours from 11AM - 4PM in 201 Talbert Hall with any questions regarding this form.