Financial Planning for Study Abroad

View of London from the London Eye - Taken by Brittany Hill.

It's important to have a clear financial plan when you're considering study abroad. There are hundreds of study abroad programs available to UB students. The program fee depends on the type of program, the program duration, and the location of the program abroad.

Given these factors, there is not a simple answer to "How much does it cost?". That is why all programs have an itemized budget sheet to show what is included in the program fee, as well as estimates for additional expenses for which students will need to budget.  

In addition to the many scholarships offered by the Office of International Education, students are strongly encouraged to meet with their Financial Aid advisor to discuss other funding resources.

Consult Academic and Financial Aid Advisors!

Be sure to meet with both your academic advisor and your financial aid advisor if you are a TAP recipient to determine how going abroad will affect your eligibility.