International Money.

In an effort to make study abroad affordable for all students, the University at Buffalo offers numerous study abroad scholarship options.

UB scholarships include those administered by the Office of International Education and by various UB departments. In addition, students are encouraged to explore external funding options. Scholarship donors share the goal of ensuring that the largest possible number of UB students will have the opportunity to gain the many benefits study abroad provides.

Start researching possible scholarships early—at least one to two years prior to when you plan to go abroad. Many nationally competitive scholarship deadlines are well before your study abroad program application deadline, often a year or more prior to the actual award year. Remember that you may be able to apply general scholarships toward international experiences, so extend your search beyond study abroad scholarships. Also check with the program sponsor about scholarships designated specifically for their program participants.


Several scholarships are strictly for students studying a specific academic area or apply only to programs in specific locations. Be sure to read the scholarship description before applying.


Though students may apply to more than one scholarship, it is unlikely that one student will be awarded multiple scholarships from the Office of International Education.


Scholarships awarded by the Office of International Education are highly competitive and there are not funds to award all applicants. Applying for scholarships should be only one part of financial planning for study abroad. No one scholarship is large enough to fully fund a study abroad program.


Students are only considered for scholarships awarded by the Office of International Education if they have an application open in our application portal. This also goes for students studying abroad on Other SUNY programs

Scholarships that Apply to Most Students

Scholarships with Specific Academic Areas or Program Location Stipulations

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The Office of Fellowships & Scholarships can be a great resource as you prepare scholarship application materials. They are located in 24 Capen Hall.

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