What Does an Application Look Like?

Temple in Japan - Taken by Rebecca Gasiorek.

In general, a study abroad application will consist of the following core items:

  • Basic demographic information (name, academic status, major, etc.)
  • A statement of purpose or study statement (this is where students have the opportunity to describe the academic reasons for selecting a particular program, detailing how the study abroad program will fit into a student's overall academic program and goals, and how the program will be of benefit to the student's personal, academic, and professional development)
  • Academic recommendations - required number of recommendations varies by program (Students request academic recommendations of instructors who have had them in class. The recommendation may be a brief form to be filled out by the instructor, or for some programs, it should be a typed letter on departmental letterhead.)
  • A transcript (depending on the program, either an unofficial or official transcript will be required)

As there are hundreds of study abroad programs available, one could imagine the application process will vary slightly by program. Some programs with partner institutions abroad may also require students to complete a host campus application in addition to the core items outlined above.