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We provide cost-effective access to precision laboratories, tools and equipment for electronic device development, and the study and analysis of materials. All are available for shared use by UB students and faculty, as well as researchers at other academic institutions, and those in government and industry.

This equipment database does not include the 3D/additive manufacturing equipment available in the Bonner Hall Digital Manufacturing Lab. For additional information, please click on the appropriate lab or contact Don Goralski at 716-645-5151.

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North Campus

Electrical Engineering Cleanroom - 114 Davis Hall

Materials Characterization Laboratory - 109/110 Furnas Hall

BIODESIGN CORE FACILITY (Biological Materials Characterization) – 116 BONNER HALL

High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy Facility (HRTEM)

High-Speed 3D Velocimetry System

South Campus

South Campus Instrument Center - 450 Biomedical Research Building (BRB)