COVID-19 Tenure Clock Extension

Published July 3, 2020

Dear UB Faculty,

I am writing to share with you that, in compliance with the recently negotiated agreement between the State University of New York (SUNY) and United University Professions (UUP), the University at Buffalo hereby implements the negotiated COVID-19 tenure and promotion extension. The following provisions are effective immediately:

Each UB employee who as of May 6, 2020 is currently serving in a position of academic rank, who has not yet attained continuing appointment status, and who is not currently under review, shall have an automatic one-year extension of the time to continuing appointment without change in title, full-time equivalent or other employment status.

Any UB employee in a position of academic rank who has not yet attained continuing appointment status may OPT OUT of the automatic one-year extension and be considered for continuing appointment based on their original schedule.  Faculty wishing to opt out of the COVID-19 tenure extension must notify, in writing, their Department Chair, Dean, and the Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs in the year they plan to be reviewed. The following template language is recommended:

In compliance with the April 20, 2020 Memorandum of Understanding between New York State and UUP regarding the COVID-19 tenure extension timelines, I hereby elect to opt out of the one-year automatic tenure extension. I understand that my election to opt out is irrevocable and that I will proceed with consideration of my promotion in accordance with the UUP collective bargaining agreement and the Policies of the SUNY Board of Trustees.

UB faculty who have previously been granted a tenure clock stop are eligible for the COVID-19 tenure extension. Accepting the COVID-19 tenure extension does not preclude future clock stop eligibility covered under UB’s standard clock stop policy.

For faculty whose tenure review is scheduled for the 2020-2021 academic year but who wish to utilize the COVID-19 tenure extension, you may withdraw from consideration upon notification to your Department Chair and Dean.

These provisions shall not apply to any employee in a position of academic rank who has already been or may be provided with a notice of non-renewal.

Faculty with questions regarding the COVID-19 tenure extension should contact the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.

The COVID-19 situation has disrupted faculty research and caused understandable anxiety about tenure and promotion processes. Please know that we are committed to mitigating adverse effects on UB faculty productivity due to the COVID-19 pandemic and to supporting our faculty’s success.



A. Scott Weber                                                                                      Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs