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Poster Session Among GME Research Day Highlights

By Dirk Hoffman

Published May 17, 2024

Three residents, a fellow and two generalist scholars received honors for outstanding poster presentations at the 26th Annual Graduate Medical Education Research Day.


Gregory S. Cherr, MD, senior associate dean for graduate medical education, presided over the May 3 event in the Ronald I. Dozoretz, MD ’62 Auditorium and the second-floor atrium of the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences building.

He noted the impressive array of presentations — in the research fields of basic science, clinical, educational and quality improvement.

“It was a joy to hear the buzz in the room with the discussion. It seemed like there was a lot of engagement between faculty and co-presenters, which is fantastic,” he said.

“Research is the cornerstone of progress in medicine. It shapes the future of health care through dedication from physicians, scientists, students, residents, and fellows like you,” Cherr told the audience gathered after the event’s poster session.

Cherr noted “UB is a beacon of research and academic excellence as one of the flagship institutions of SUNY.”

“We put this event on each year to nurture scientific inquiry, but also to try and ignite a passion like many of the facilitators and your faculty mentors have for research.”

“Without research, our understanding of diseases would stagnate, treatments would lack the necessary advancements and patient care would suffer,” Cherr said. “All the effort you have put into this research is really enhancing the lives of your patients in our community, so I thank you for that.”

Marc Halterman, MD, PhD, senior associate dean for research and executive director of the Office of Research, and director of the MD-PhD Program, gave a keynote address which saw him share the story of his research and career path, provide some context on the evolving research program along that continuum and offer some advice to early-career researchers and physician-scientists.

Six Posters Recognized as Best in Category

Recipients of Graduate Medical Education Research Day awards are as follows:

Elizabeth Rosen, MD
Child neurology resident
Clinical research award co-winner
“Neurodevelopmental Monitoring in Trajectory of Recovery from Disorders of Consciousness in Children; A Single Center Perspective”
Mentor: Osman Farooq, MD, clinical associate professor of neurology

Manasik Abdu, MD, MBBS
Internal medicine resident — Catholic Health System
Clinical research award co-winner
“Cirrhosis Outcomes are Associated with County Health Disparity In New York State”
Mentor: Thomas C. Mahl, MD, professor of medicine

Mariah Reinard, MD
Generalist scholar, Family Medicine
Educational research award winner
“Family Medicine Resident SBIRT Training Improves Confidence in Providing Mental Health Care”
Mentor: Linda S. Kahn, PhD, research professor of family medicine

Lisa Samuels-Cox, MD
Pediatric resident
Quality Improvement award co-winner
“Improving Resident Knowledge and Comfortability in Diagnosing Dermatologic Conditions in Patients with Skin of Color”
Mentor: Mary E. Emborsky, DO, clinical associate professor of pediatrics

Mahmoud Nassar, MD, PhD
Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism fellow
Quality Improvement award co-winner
“Enhancing Workflow Efficiency in the Endocrine Clinic Through a Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Project”
Mentor: Manav Batra, MBBS, clinical assistant professor of medicine

Ryan Mackey
Generalist scholar, Medicine
Basic science award winner
“Accuracy of Rightward Extrapolation of the Left Ventricular End-Diastolic Pressure-Volume Relationship in Healthy Swine”
Mentor: Brian R. Weil, PhD, assistant professor of physiology and biophysics

More Than 40 Posters Presented

Other presenters were:

Clinical research

  • Ajinkya Buradkar, MD, palliative medicine fellow
    “The Impact of Concurrent Cannabis Use When Treating Advanced Stage Cancer With Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors”
  • David Byrwa, MD, pediatric resident
    “A Review of the Use of Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy for Peritoneal Malignancy in Pediatric Patients”
  • Elizabeth Crinzi, MD ’24, fourth-year medical student 
    “Single Parenthood as a Potential Mediator of Pediatric Asthma Exacerbations”
  • Sinan Ersan, second-year medical student 
    “Comparison of the Iridex MP3 and P3 Probes on Long-Term Intraocular Pressure Control After Micropulse Transscleral-Cyclophotocoagulation”
  • David Kowalski, DO, orthopaedics resident
    “Complications of Methylprednisolone in Acute Subaxial Cervical Spinal Cord Injury”  
  • Alexus Ludwig, DO, epilepsy fellow
    “The Brain or the Heart? A Case of Ictal Asystole From Temporal Lobe Epilepsy”
  • Shonnell McBain, MD, internal medicine-pediatrics resident
    “A Comparative Analysis of Pediatric Oral Immunotherapy: University at Buffalo vs. Alternative Protocols”
  • Dustin Morgan, MD, orthopaedics resident
    “Analysis of Open Fracture Cohort in the Context of Race and Poverty Status”
  • Jawdat Mustafa, MD, internal medicine/social and preventive medicine housestaff
    ”Evaluating the Predictors for Preeclampsia and Gestation Hypertension in Rural and Urban Settings”
  • Faruk Oktem, MD, pediatric nephrology fellow
    “A Comparison With Office and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurements in the Pediatric Nephrology Clinic: Effects of the New 2022 Guidelines”
  • Kyle Plante, MD, MPH, primary care sports medicine fellowship
    “Stimulated Blink Reflex Abnormalities Before And After Sport-Related Concussion And Association With Self-Reported Symptoms”
  • Blaine Prichard, MD, family medicine resident
    “High-Intensity Interval Training Versus Continuous Exercise in Patients with Type II Diabetes: An Evidence Review”
  • Margil Ranpariya, MD, epilepsy fellow
    “Unveiling a Unique Case: Monocular Epileptic Nystagmus (MEN) Associated With ATP1A3 Mutation in Hemiplegic Patient”
  • Julian Saleh, MD ’24, fourth-year medical student 
    “Investigating Doula Care Knowledge, Awareness, and Interest Among Pregnant People in the Buffalo, NY, Region”
  • Baltaj Sandhur, second-year medical student 
    “The Effect of Teprotumumab Infusion on Ocular Alignment in Patients with Symptomatic Thyroid Eye Disease”
  • Victoria Sarata, MD, pediatric resident
    “The Effects of Inhaled Corticosteroids on Linear Growth in Pediatric Patients Treated for Eosinophilic Esophagitis”
  • Jake Zipp, MD ’24, fourth-year medical student 
    “MicroRNA 182-5p Expression in Response to Varying Doses of Aerobic Exercise in Concussed Patients”

Educational research

  • Margaret Ahern, MD ’24, fourth-year medical student 
    “Treatment of Adult Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD Among UB Family Medicine Residents”
  • Christian Cavalieri, MD, internal medicine resident
    “Resident-Led Rounds Effects on Autonomy, an Internal Medicine Program Quality Improvement”
  • Danika Cziranka-Crooks, MD, pediatric resident
    “Medicine For Tomorrow Workshops Foster Interest in Medical Topics and Careers Among Underrepresented Minority Youth”
  • Jordan Hart, MD, pediatric resident
    “Student Health Ambassadors: A School-Based Approach to STI Testing, Treatment and Awareness Amongst Buffalo Youth”
  • Matthew Kaye, MD, internal medicine resident
    “Learning through Gamification: Resident-Perceived Impact of Participation in Medical ‘Jeopardies’ on ABIM Content Knowledge”
  • Ellen Lutnick, MD, orthopaedics resident
    “Trends for Diversity Recruitment in Orthopedics: Rise of Sub-Internship Scholarships”
  • Susana Ruano, MD, pediatric emergency medicine fellow
    Evaluation of the Implementation of a Point of Care Ultrasound Curriculum for Pediatric Residents in Training: A Pilot Study

Quality improvement research

  • Solimar Acevedo Soto, MD, geriatrics fellow
    “Improving Knowledge and Management Among Geriatric Trauma Patients: A Quality Improvement Educational Project”
  • Kyle Boyd, MD, pediatrics resident
    “Improving Evaluation In Children with Suspected Inflammatory Bowel Disease.”
  • David Chan, MD, internal medicine-pediatrics resident
    “Concurrent Administration of GAD7 Screening and PHQ9 Screening in a Primary Care Resident Clinic Setting”
  • Angad Gill, MBBS, endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism fellow
    “Enhancing Workflow Efficiency in the Endocrine Clinic Through a Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Project”
  • Paige Guy, MD ’24, fourth-year medical student 
    “Assessing the Role of a Willingness-to-Quit Questionnaire in Promoting Tobacco Cessation Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus”
  • Andrew Hurst, MD, internal medicine-pediatrics resident
    “Improving Pediatric Intern EMR Efficiency: A Quality Improvement Project”
  • Tae Hee Kim, MD, internal medicine resident
    “Improving VZV Vaccination Education for Patients on JAK Inhibitors Using EHR Quick Phrases”
  • Jake Koplowitz, MD, geriatrics fellow
    “Geriatrics Co-Management in Trauma Patients: Is Age Alone Appropriate for Consultation?”
  • Rein Naylor, MD, geriatrics fellow
    “Code Status: Does Your Patient Understand?”
  • Brinda Prasanna Kumar, MBBS, pediatrics resident
    “Partnering With a Large Urban School District to Enhance Medical Emergency Training”
  • Mingma Sherpa, MD, internal medicine resident
    “Empowering Buffalo: Improving Hypertension Through Free Blood Pressure Monitor Loaning and Shared-Decision Making”
  • Noah Stanco, MD, pediatrics resident
    “Standardized Autotexts Improve Documentation and Facilitate Pathway Adherence in Pediatric Asthma Admissions: A Quality Improvement Project”
  • Lalina Sunuwar, MBBS, pediatrics resident
    “Project BREATHE: Effects of Specialist Follow-Ups in Asthma Outcomes: A Quality Improvement Project”
  • Sherif Younis, MD, PhD, geriatrics fellow
    “Deprescribing Proton Pump Inhibitors in Elderly Population”