Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE)

What is COACHE?

The COACHE survey research is part of a national program called the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE), which has been operating from the Harvard Graduate School of Education since 2003.

More than 300 institutions nationwide participate in this survey, administered once a year, to capture faculty satisfaction with a range of aspects related to teaching, service and research, tenure and promotion, departmental engagement and collegiality, and other aspects of the academic workplace.

The University at Buffalo has engaged with COACHE to administer this survey in its respective iterations during the years 2006, 2010, 2012 and, most recently, 2017. In 2022, University at Buffalo is once more utilizing COACHE and faculty response to continue improving satisfaction here at UB.

UB has previously participated in the survey for the third time in Spring 2017 (most recent previous survey in 2011). Unlike previous COACHE surveys, which were limited to tenured and tenure-track faculty, in 2017 the survey was expanded to all full-time faculty (defined by COACHE as 75% and above), including clinical, research and other non-tenure-track faculty. The results of the 2017 survey led to the development of the office of Recognition and Awards for Faculty, as well as other initiatives aimed at improving faculty satisfaction. UB continues to work with COACHE to develop a similar survey for part-time faculty to collect data about their experience and job satisfaction for future COACHE surveys. 

COACHE Surveys Benefit UB Faculty

The results of past COACHE surveys informed decisions and policy in support of faculty across all departments. Past surveys contributed to the development of improved policies and programs that directly benefited faculty. The results of the 2022 COACHE survey will help UB assess the effectiveness of these and other initiatives so that we better understand what we do well and identifiy areas where we can enhance policies and programs to make UB an even better place to work. 
The resulting data from theses surveys are shared with faculty in various forms, including faculty meetings, town halls, workshops and retreats.

Survey Administration and Data Security

Participation entailed completing a 25-minute, web-based survey; a unique link to the survey was emailed to faculty via their UB email address from COACHE in the second week of February. Subsequently, the COACHE survey administrators followed up with four email reminders over the weeks to those who hadn't completed the survey, before the survey closed in early April.

COACHE does not use any name or email address for any purposes except for this research. The data provided to UB were received and are kept on a secure server with oversight by Craig Abbey, Vice Provost for Institutional Analysis and Planning. No administrators, staff or faculty members outside the Office of Institutional Analysis at UB have access to the unit-record data.

More information on how the survey was administered and how data are handled securely and anonymously by COACHE can be found here.

Past Surveys

For information on the 2017 faculty survey at UB and pages from the COACHE report, see here