Digital Scholarship Studio and Network Opening

Digital Scholarship Studio and Network Opening.

Delivered September 5, 2019

"Good afternoon!

It is such a pleasure to be with you to celebrate the opening of UB’s Digital Scholarship Studio and Network.

This beautiful space represents an exciting new initiative for UB. It creates a centralized location where our university community can both apply digital methods to scholarship, research and teaching, and use these tools to create new forms of scholarship.

While the DSSN supports the use of cutting-edge technologies, the scholarly activity that will take place here is grounded in the tradition of interdisciplinary collaboration that has guided UB since well before the Dawn of the Digital Age.

It is wonderful to ponder how this studio will cultivate and extend research opportunities across departmental and disciplinary borders—from the sciences and social sciences, to the arts and humanities.

By bringing together students and faculty whose work is on the frontier of digital scholarship, the DSSN will build on UB’s robust culture of inter-disciplinarity. In so doing, it will allow us to make an even greater impact on the many communities we serve, locally and globally.

Because of its incredible potential for impact and innovation, I was very pleased to support the DSSN with President’s Circle funding.

And now that our Digital Scholarship Studio and Network is up and running, I look forward to seeing the productive collaborations and transformative discoveries that result.

Thank you."