Celebration of Student Academic Excellence

Delivered April 30, 2020

On behalf of our entire University at Buffalo community, congratulations to you—our undergraduate and graduate student honorees—on your academic achievements.

It is wonderful to see all that you have accomplished in pursuing your life’s goals. And your commitment to excel, even now—in the face of challenging circumstances—inspires all of us in your UB family.

While these circumstances require us to celebrate you in a manner different than we had anticipated, please know that—throughout this time of flux—my pride in you remains constant. I am so gratified to know that you are:

  • pushing the boundaries of scholarly research,
  • making new discoveries;
  • and, ultimately, accomplishing what you set out to do through dedication and hard work.

Across the disciplines, you embody excellence. Whether you are:

  • Designing inclusive church spaces;
  • Studying how glaciers respond to global warming;
  • Conducting cancer research; or
  • Reducing prejudice against people who struggle with depression;

You are making a positive impact on the world around us.

Now, more than ever, the world needs your contributions!

As we prepare you to to tackle the challenges of today—and tomorrow—we acknowledge that the research journey never ends. There are always new ideas to imagine, and new avenues to explore, with the intent to benefit our local and global communities.

As I applaud you, I also recognize:

  • your faculty mentors, who have nurtured your scholarly development; and
  • our dedicated staff, who have guided and supported you.

Again, congratulations to our undergraduate and graduate student honorees.

I wish you all the best for much continued success!