Vice President Kamala Harris Visit

Published September 14, 2022

We are deeply honored to host Vice President Kamala Harris at the University at Buffalo and have the opportunity to showcase the impactful ways that we are harnessing UB’s tripartite mission of research, education and engagement to mitigate the detrimental effects of climate change by developing innovative solutions for a sustainable world.

From our disciplinary and multidisciplinary scholarship on materials sciences, water systems, greenhouse gases, glacial ice sheets and food systems, to our vanguard academic degree programs in fields including sustainability leadership and materials design, to the significant progress we have made toward achieving carbon neutrality on campus by 2030, UB is a nationally and internationally recognized and ranked higher education leader in sustainability research and practice.

As Vice President Harris’ visit to UB coincides with the beginning of our academic year, it will surely generate a great deal of positive energy during an already-exciting time on campus. We look forward to hearing from the vice president about the Inflation Reduction Act’s measures to combat the climate crisis and improve American energy security, just as we look forward to supporting the administration’s ambitious climate action goals by continuing to channel our disciplinary expertise into one of the most critical challenges of our time.