Celebrating UB’s Class of 2020

Published July 30, 2021

History will always remember the Class of 2020 for graduating at the height of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. For our part, UB will remember this historic class for demonstrating exceptional innovation, resilience and adaptability during exceptionally trying times.

Of course, with all the challenges and restrictions that the Class of 2020 endured, disappointment was inevitable—perhaps none greater than being unable to graduate in person.

As we celebrate our university’s 175th anniversary, I am delighted to announce that we will be inviting our 2020 graduates back to campus for an in-person commencement ceremony Oct. 1, during Homecoming Weekend.

While the COVID-19 pandemic required us to hold our 2020 commencement exercises in a virtual format, we are thrilled to now have this opportunity to safely honor our 2020 graduates in a manner befitting their accomplishments—at UB, in their regalia, walking the stage, and sharing in this happy occasion with family, friends and classmates.

In the spring of 2020, we promised our graduates we would bring them back to campus to celebrate their commencement when it was safe to do so.

Now that it is feasible, we hope as many graduates as possible can join us for this eventful commencement celebration.

For more details about UB’s 2020 commencement ceremony, please refer to the UB Now article.