Welcome to UB's Spring 2024 Semester

Published January 24, 2024

Dear university community,

Welcome to the start of UB’s spring 2024 semester! I hope each of you enjoyed a period of rest and rejuvenation over the holidays, and you are eager to start the semester strong.

As you know, if not experienced firsthand, snowstorms slammed Western New York last week, causing travel bans, closures and—at UB and elsewhere—postponements and cancellations. While these circumstances posed challenges for our winter session participants, we can consider ourselves fortunate that the bout of inclement weather occurred when most of our students were still on break.

As I reflect on the many ways the recent storms disrupted the flow of daily life, I am reminded how important it is to capitalize on everything within our control. In the context of our scholarly community, we have agency over our academic and professional success. Every time we contribute to a classroom dialogue, streamline a workplace process or open a new line of scientific inquiry, we invest in our success while enhancing UB’s collective vibrancy. We compound that investment when we extend ourselves beyond our prescribed roles and responsibilities—by participating in optional training, say, or assuming a leadership role in a departmental club.

An additional benefit of engaging in enriching activities such as those I just mentioned: They keep us grounded in the present rather than dwelling on the future—a common temptation this time of year! Soon enough, the weather will grow milder and the days longer. Soon enough, we’ll turn our attention to the total solar eclipse that will (clear skies permitting) cast its shadow over our region. Soon enough, finals will be behind us, and we will celebrate UB’s Class of 2024.

When that day arrives, rather than merely wondering where the time went, you will be rewarded with a dynamic, productive semester in your rearview mirror.

Meanwhile, carpe diem!


Satish K. Tripathi