Faculty authors recognized at celebration

Faculty members and guests at the Faculty Authors celebration. Photo: Nancy J. Parisi

Release Date: March 29, 2016 This content is archived.


BUFFALO, N.Y. — Faculty members and guests celebrated the more than 95 University at Buffalo authors and editors who produced in excess of 90 volumes over the past two years as part of a ceremony held on March 24.

They join the long line of scholars and creative writers with nearly 750 books published since the university’s first official anthology and recognition event held in 2007. Now a biennial anthology, the book topics range across all the university disciplines.

UB President Satish K. Tripathi and Provost Charles Zukoski congratulated the authors and noted that the published scholarship “is in many ways the tangible expression of our mission as a major research university — to create and disseminate knowledge that has a lasting impact on the public good.”

Venu Govidaraju, vice president for research and economic development, hosted the event, welcoming the new authors, congratulating the serial authors and encouraging all to continue the hard work of writing and publishing.

Faculty authors and editors include: Melanie Aceto; Elizabeth G. Adelman; Robert M. Adelman; Laura M. Anderson; Samantha Barbas; Theodora Belniak; Peter F. Biehl; Ann M. Bisantz; Sampson Lee Blair; Sandra Block; Martha Bohm; Fenice B. Boyd and Irus Braverman.

They also include: Charles H. Carman; Catherine P. Cook-Cottone; Güner Coskunsu; John L. Crassidis; Brian T. Detweiler; Dalian Ding; Paul H. Dressel; Stephen L. Dyson; Thomas Hugh Feeley; Jill Fiedler-Kelly; Cecil Foster; Rebecca Redwood French; Jordan Geiger; Robert J. Genco; Michael Glick; Jorge J.E. Gracia; Walter Grand; Robert Granfield; Amy Graves-Monroe and Miguel Guitart.

They also include: Aaron David Harris; Clyde Freeman Herreid; L. Nelson Hopkins; Maria S. Horne; Joyce Hwang; David E. Johnson; Janice Jones; Erin Kearney; Hal Langfur; George C. Lee; Zach Liang; Carine M. Mardorossian; Landis F. Markley; Irving Massey; James Maynard; Elizabeth Mazzolini; Steve McCaffery; Mary B. McVee; Christopher Mele; Cristanne Miller; Peter B. Morgan; Marilyn E. Morris; Gene D. Morse and Margaret P. Moss.

They also include: Nader D. Nader; Mark A. Nathan; James F. Osborne; Miriam Paeslack; JiYoung Park; Kelly L. Patterson; Raechele L. Pope; Amy L. Reynolds; Sarah A. Robert; Stephen Rudin; Michael W. Russell; Margaret W. Sallee; Richard Salvi; Frank Scannapieco; Elizabeth Scarlett; Nancy A. Schiller; Lynn E. Shanahan; Adnan H. Siddiqui; Robert Mark Silverman; Barry Smith; Korydon Smith; Ernest Sternberg and Despina Stratigakos.

They also include: Beth Tauke; Dorothy Taylor; Jean-Jacques Thomas; Mary Lorene Thomas; Joseph Valente; Ognjen Visnjevac; Jose L. Walteros; Hua Wang; Hilary N. Weaver; Barbara Wejnert; Marion Werner; Jerrold Winter; Roger D. Woodard; Antoine Yoshinaka; Paul Zarembka and Jun Zhuang.

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