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Don’t worry about how you’re doing it, just keep filling your social fuel tank, UB researchers say.


A UB geographer created the ‘Color Buffalo’ mapping tool to help people relax and connect with their city.


Study turns the rich literature of person-perception on its head to look at how the nature of the message affects our perception of the person delivering it, rather than how the person affects our perception of the message.


Researchers will work toward developing a computational approach for delivering preventive services.


From analyzing the avocado genome to designing a stingray-inspired space exploration vehicle, here are some highlights from a year of discovery.


UB's Behavioral Health Clinic is an outpatient clinic where research-based treatment programs funded by the NIH are used to find effective treatment for individuals with alcohol use disorders.


The research is providing a previously unseen glimpse into the largely unexplored genetics of politicians’ Twitter activity.


Study suggests our experience and interaction with specific learning environments, like the characteristics of what we read, leads to differences in language behavior that were once attributed to differences in cognition.


Tablets and laptops have their educational virtues, but new research suggests they have limitations as well.