Student Fees

Updated September 16, 2019

SUNY permits campuses to take into consideration additional costs beyond the Higher Education Price Index (HEPI) rate to cover extraordinary increases for specific fees due to compelling reasons such as expanded access to student health, mental health or counseling services.   Many of the schools in the Mid-American Conference, of which the University at Buffalo is a member, have a comprehensive approach to fees and several American Association of Universities and SUNY campuses have also instituted such fees.

Broad-based fees are generally charged to all enrolled students to finance discrete activities that benefit the student body, excluding those activities that are part of the core instructional program. 

UB has two broad-based fees, the Comprehensive Fee and the Academic Excellence and Success Fee.  These fees comply with SUNY Policy No. 7804.  Fees, Rentals, and Other Charges and the University Fee Policy.

In an effort to provide for student consultation and to assist students in planning for the next few years, the University provides a five-year broad-based fee plan, including anticipated student fee rates for 2019/20 through 2023/24.

To continue to offer programs and services that our UB students need and expect in the current State, SUNY and UB budget climate, a general 2.0% increase in the Comprehensive Fee each year has been proposed. The proposed increase would support state-mandated increases in salaries and fringe benefits for employees, increased technology and library costs and services, continue to support a portion of the bus contract and central academic investments.

The Comprehensive Fee components include support for the following: intercollegiate athletics and recreation services (undergraduates only), campus life, college fee, student health, technology, transportation, and transcripts. The College Fee is set according to SUNY policy. Fees would continue to be prorated on a per credit-hour basis for part-time students (with the exception of the Transcript Fee), and the current waiver policy will be maintained.

Broad-based fees incorporate the Academic Excellence and Success Fee, which support the NYSUNY 2020 plan. This plan includes upgrading classroom facilities, extending library hours, support for the Center for Excellence in Writing, strategic enrollment management and strategic initiatives such as Heart of the Campus.

Student input on fee planning is solicited through the Broad-based Fees Consultation Process.  UB also publishes fee background, student benefits/impact, student access, contact information, expenditure plan, usage statistics and a FAQ.  

More information on UB’s student Broad-based Fees, proposed increases, and the waiver process, is available at the tuition and fees website.

In addition to broad based fees, a mandatory activity fee is determined by the student’s respective division (Undergraduate SA, Graduate, Graduate Management, Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Law School). The fee provides support for student organization programs and activities for all divisions of the university and is a part of the tuition and fee structure.