AAU Membership

Published October 18, 2019

The University at Buffalo is the first New York State public university to be invited to join the prestigious Association of American Universities and was elected to membership in 1989.  UB’s membership in the AAU advances the university’s success in securing federal research funds and attracting and retaining top faculty and students. UB’s research enterprise and academic programs directly benefit the Western New York community. 

AAU membership support and advance UB's academic mission

  • AAU advocates for stable and sustained funding for scientific research.  At UB, this means continuation and acceleration of important, life-changing and transformational research that fuels new ideas, new technologies and new therapies on which the regional and national economy, health and national security depend.
  • The AAU continues to encourage Congress to support important funding initiatives such as Pell Grant awards and federal student aid programs that provide grants and work study to low- and middle-income students and that help at-risk students enter, and stay in, college. 
  • AAU supports, encourages and works for member universities like UB to maintain a strong federal commitment to graduate education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), which is critical to preparing the next generation of scientists and engineers.