University Impact

Published October 18, 2019

As one of the nation’s leading public research universities, the University at Buffalo has a profound impact across broad and diverse areas through civic engagement and economic development. The work being done at UB has a substantial economic impact on the Buffalo Niagara region and New York State. The university has active partnerships with local and global businesses and industry, and plays a central role in the alignment and enhancement of the region’s health care, biotechnology and clinical research, and medical education. Through broad programs and partnerships, UB is an integral part of  regional, statewide, national and global communities.

Other Ways in Which UB Benefits the State and Region

UB’s total impact on the state of New York goes beyond its annual operational expenditures and the qualitative value and impact of the university goes far beyond its annual multi-billion dollar economic impact. Through its academic programs, UB is helping to grow New York State by educating the highly skilled workforce that will be needed to compete in a global economy, providing the next generation of innovators with a firm foundation upon which to grow their own ideas and helping to build the next generation of scholars. Moreover, UB provides the larger community with access to faculty experts, adds richness and diversity to the region’s cultural offerings, imports culture from outside of the country with international students, has provided the research expertise, and is growing its new campus to become recognized throughout the world as a center of cutting-edge biomedical research collaborations with multiple hospitals to create a biomedical research cluster.  On a daily basis, the lives of those in the surrounding communities are significantly enhanced by UB's presence in a multitude of ways.