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Sarah Muldoon

Associate Professor of Mathematics
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences


Brain activity, brain networks, network neuroscience

Head shot of Sarah Muldoon.

Sarah Muldoon is an expert on the architecture and function of the brain.

Using computational techniques, she models and studies how various regions of the brain are connected to one another and how this interconnectedness influences brain function, with a special interest in neurological diseases such as epilepsy. One line of research focuses on brain stimulation, illuminating what happens within the brain as a whole when a single region in the organ is stimulated.

Muldoon’s work is grounded in network theory, a field that draws on tools from mathematics, physics, engineering and computer science to understand, predict and describe complex interactions in systems of connected elements.


Sarah Muldoon, PhD
Associate Professor of Mathematics, University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences
Core Faculty Member in the Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering Program, University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences and University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences