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Mark Swihart

SUNY Distinguished Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering


Nanotechnology, materials science, chemistry of materials, aerosol science

Head shot of Mark Swihart, University at Buffalo expert on materials science.

Mark Swihart leads a research program that centers on the production and application of nanoparticles.

His team uses chemical engineering to develop, understand and improve the processes for creating nanomaterials. With colleagues, Swihart has explored applications for nanomaterials in areas ranging from biological imaging to solar cells and screen displays.

For example, he was part of a team that used nanoparticles made from silicon, an abundant and biocompatible material, to target and image tumors in mice. In the realm of alternative energy, Swihart co-led a study that mixed super-small particles of silicon with water to produce hydrogen almost instantaneously.


Mark T. Swihart, PhD
SUNY Distinguished Professor and Chair of Chemical and Biological Engineering
University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences