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Kelly Patterson

Associate Professor of Social Work
University at Buffalo School of Social Work


Social welfare policy; cannabis policy; residential segregation; fair housing; gentrification; homelessness; poverty and economic inequality; race and class

Portrait of Kelly Patterson, University at Buffalo housing and urban development expert.

Kelly Patterson is an expert on housing policy, residential segregation and other issues in urban development. She is interested in the intersection of poverty and inequality, as well as of race and class.

Patterson’s research focuses on social welfare and, housing policy and, most recently, cannabis policy. Her work investigates how neighborhood outcomes affect quality of life, highlighting how residential segregation relegates the poor and minorities to disadvantaged neighborhoods with lower quality schools, services and food, and higher exposure to crime.

Among other topics, Patterson has studied subsidized, affordable and fair housing, homelessness, shrinking cities, and other issues in urban development. In addition, she assesses social and economic equity provisions of cannabis policies and how they affect disadvantaged, impoverished and Black and Brown communities.


Kelly Patterson, PhD
Associate Professor of Social Work

University at Buffalo School of Social Work