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Publications from NeMLA Collaborations

Teaching Palahniuk: The Treasures of Transgression in the Age of Trump
Ed. Christopher J. Burlingame
Vernon Press, 2022

#MeToo and Literary Studies: Reading, Writing, and Teaching about Sexual Violence and Rape Culture 
Ed. Mary K. Holland and Heather Hewett
Bloomsbury Academic, 2021

Arthurian Legend in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries
Ed. Susan L. Austin
Vernon Press, 2021

Wide Sargasso Sea at 50
Ed. Elaine Savory and Erica Johnson
Palgrave Macmillan, 2020

Trump Fiction: Essays on Donald Trump in Literature, Film, and Television
Ed. Stephen Hock
Lexington Books, 2019

2022 Baltimore Attendees

Writing the Survivor: The Rape Novel in Late Twentieth-Century American Fiction
Robin E Field
Clemson University Press, 2020

ArteletrA: The Sixties in Latin America and the Politics of Going Unnoticed
Jason A. Bartles
Purdue University Press, 2021

Contemporary French Environmental Thought in the Post-COVID-19 Era
Keith Moser
Springer International Publishing, 2022

Cuba: emociones y ficciones políticas
Laura V. Sández
Iberoamericana Vervuert, 2022

Cultural Poetics and Social Movements Initiated by Literature
Maryann P. DiEdwardo
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022

Dostoevsky as a Translator of Balzac
Julia Titus
Academic Studies Press, 2022

Satiric Modernism
Kevin Rulo
Clemson University Press, 2021

Virtual Diaspora, Postcolonial Literature and Feminism
Ashmita Khasnabish
Routledge, 2022

2021 Convention Attendees

The African American Sonnet
Timo Müller 
University Press of Mississippi, 2018

Archives (In Search of Media series) 
Andrew Lison, Marcell Mars, Tomislav Medak, and Rick Prelinger
meson/University of Minnesota Press, 2019

Burning Girls and Other Stories
Veronica Schanoes, 2021

The Child Sex Scandal and Modern Irish Literature: Writing the Unspeakable
by Joseph Valente and Margot Gayle Backus
Indiana University Press, 2020

Crucifixión en la Plaza de Armas
Martín Espada
Transl. Oscar Sarmiento
Dharma, 2019

Cultural and Literary Dialogues Between Asia and Latin America
Ed. Gorica Majstorovic and Axel Gasquet
Palgrave Macmillan, 2020

Dante's Idea of Friendship: The Transformation of a Classical Concept
Filippa Modesto
University of Toronto Press, 2015

Il Concetto di Amicizia in Dante: La Trasformazione di un Concetto Classico 
Filippa Modesto 
Aracne Editrice, Dante Serie Nel Mondo, 2019

Incorporating Foreign Language Content in Humanities Courses 
Ed. Priya Ananth and Leah Tolbert Lyons
Routledge, 2019

Marina Warner and the Ethics of Telling Silenced Stories 
Lisa Propst
McGill-Queen's University Press, 2020

Mario Bellatin y las formas de la escritura
Ed. Héctor Jaimes
A Contracorriente, 2020

Nietzsche and the Critique of Revolution
Antonio Fontana
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019

Out in the Center: Public Controversies and Private Struggles 
Ed. Harry Denny, Robert Mundy, Liliana M. Naydan, Anna Sicari, and Richard Séverè
Utah State University Press, 2018

Public Scholarship in Literary Studies
edited by Rachel Arteaga and Rosemary Erickson Johnsen
Amherst College Press, 2021

Reading Radiantly, Writing Responsibly 
Maryann P. DiEdwardo
Independently Published, 2021

Satiric Modernism
Kevin Rulo 
Clemson University Press, 2021

Teaching Radiantly 
Maryann P. DiEdwardo
Services for Science and Education Lt, 2021

T. S. Eliot, Eugenio Montale e la modernita` dantesca
Ernesto Livorni
Casa Editrice Le Lettere, 2020

Vida admirable y muerte dichosa del religioso padre Gerónimo de Figueroa. Edición Crítica, estudio y notas 
Leonor Taiano 
Dialogarts-Universidade do Estado de Rio de Janeiro, 2020

We the People: The 500-year Battle over Who is American (American Ways)
Ben Railton
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2019

Wide Sargasso Sea at 50
Ed. Elaine Savory and Erica Johnson
Palgrave Macmillan, 2020

Welcome to Bellevue 
Seth Robinson
Grattan Street Press, 2018

2020 Boston Attendees

Birthright: Poems
by Erika Dreifus
Kelsay Books, 2019
A portion of the proceeds from sales of Birthright is being donated to Sefaria to support its “free, ever-growing library of Jewish texts.”

The Female Precariat
by Margie Burns, Tamara Ionkova Hammond and Rachelann Lopp Copland
Universitas Press, 2019
The precariat in higher ed and in the Internet economy disproportionately involves women

Gendered Ecologies: New Materialist Interpretations of Women Writers in the Long Nineteenth Century
edited by Dewey W. Hall and Jillmarie Murphy
Liverpool University Press and Clemson University Press, 2019

Hermeneutics, Metacognition, and Writing
edited by Maryann DiEdwardo
Vernon Press, 2020

Philosophy's Treason: Studies in Philosophy and Translation
edited by D. M. Spitzer
Vernon Press, 2020
An international array of diverse perspectives on translation and philosophy

Postcoloniality, Globalization and Diaspora: What's Next?
edited by Ashmita Khasnabish
Lexington Books, 2019
Beyond hybridity and the master-slave dialectic

Slaughterhouse by Ivano Ferrari
translated by Matteo Gilebbi
Legas, 2019

2019 D.C. Attendees

Cultural Production and the Politics of Women's Work in American Literature and Film
by Polina Kroik
Routledge, 2019
The interrelation among women’s workplace roles, modes of authorship, and processes of subject-formation

Erotic Citizens: Sex and the Embodied Subject in the Antebellum Novel
by Elizabeth Dill
University of Virginia Press, 2019
An examination of the terms of embodiment and selfhood in philosophical tracts, political cartoons, frontispiece illustrations, portraiture, and the novel from the antebellum period

Affectual Erasure: Representations of Indigenous Peoples in Argentine Cinema
by Cynthia M. Tompkins
State University of New York Press, 2018
The most comprehensive analysis of the cinematic representations of Argentinean Indigenous peoples

Animals and Animality in Primo Levi's Work
by Damiano Benvegnù
Palgrave Macmillan, 2018
Animal imagery, metaphors, and concepts in the work of the Jewish-Italian writer and Holocaust survivor

Arts & Letters & Love
by Jean L. Kreiling
Kelsay Books, 2018
Jean L. Kreiling is a Professor of Music at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts and a past winner of the Able Muse Write Prize and the String Poet Prize.

City Poems and American Urban Crisis, 1945-Present
by Nate Mickelson
Bloomsbury Collections, 2018
From William Carlos Williams and Allen Ginsberg to Miguel Algarín and Wanda Coleman, Michelson explores the ways in which these poets have engaged with the urban experience

Creating Communities: Towards a Description of the Mask-Function in Literature
by Nourit Melcer-Padon
Transcript, 2018
A unique view on the role of the community and ritual practices in post-existentialist modern cultural reality

Cuban Writing Between Two Centuries 
by Belén Rodríguez Mourelo 
Aduana Vieja, 2018

Vamonos al cine: Short Movies for Spanish Conversation
by Maria Davis
Cognella Academic Publishing, 2019

From Little Houses to Little Women: Revisiting a Literary Childhood
by Nancy McCabe
University of Missouri Press, 2018
A travel book and memoir about the children’s books that have shaped all of our imaginations

Future Humans in Fiction and Film
edited by Louisa MacKay Demerjian and Karen F. Stein
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018
A range of fictions, films, and TV programs about the possibilities of humans in the future

Il giovane Leopardi, la chimica e la storia naturale
by Valentina Sordoni
Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura, 2018

Hunting and the Ivory Tower
by Douglas Higbee
University of South Carolina Press, 2018
The complexities of hunting and its ethical, ecological, and cultural ramifications

De Errâncias e Viagens Poéticas em Jorge de Sena e Cecília Meireles
by Susana Antunes
Edições Afrontamento, 2019

LA Chic: A Locational History of Los Angeles Fashion
by Susan Ingram
Intellect Books, 2018
A locational history of LA fashion and style through the lens of manufacturing, museums and designers and readings of contemporary film, literature and new media

Le sang noir des hommes
by Julien Suaudeau
Flammarion, 2019
Dix ans après avoir disparu au Sahara, un chasseur alpin rentre chez lui. Tout le monde le croit mort.

Love in the New Millennium
by Can Xue, translated by Annelise Finegan Wasmoen
Yale University Press, 2018
The most ambitious work of fiction by the most important novelist working in China today

Memorias de una niña viajera
by Asor Rosa
La Terraza Azul Ediciones, 2018

Mujeres con voz propia. Antologia guiada
by Paola Bianco, Maria J. Fraser-Molina and Maria A. Salgado
Panda Publications, 2018

Narrativas del miedo: Terror en obras literarias, cinemáticas y televisivas de Latinoamérica
by Marco Ramírez, David Rozotto and Karem Langer
Peter Lang, 2018

Pauline Hopkins and Advocacy Journalism
by Rhone Fraser
Xlibris, 2019
Pauline Hopkins's work was not just the work of a typical journalist, but the work of an advocate.

Pouvoirs de l'imposture
by Maxime Decout
Editions de Minuit, 2018
Les pouvoirs de l'imposture dans Poe, James, Borges, Nabokov, Robbe-Grillet, Butor, Perec, Vila-Matas

Santería, Vodou and Resistance in Caribbean Literature: Daughters of the Spirits
by Paul Humphrey
Legenda, 2019
African-derived religions as a site of political, cultural and social resistance in the Caribbean

The Significance of the Writing of Thomas Merton
by Maryann P. DiEdwardo
Fast Pencil, 2018
Thomas Merton OCSO was an American Trappist monk, writer, theologian, mystic, poet, activist, and scholar of comparative religion

Spatializing Social Justice: Literary Critiques
by Maryann P. DiEdwardo
Hamilton Books, 2018
An exploration of the healing process through words and literature

Shakespeare’s Foreign Queens: Drama, Politics, and the Enemy Within
by Sandra Logan
Palgrave MacMillan, 2018
Hospitality, citizenship, and banishment through the lens of modern and contemporary political theory

Telling Migrant Stories: Latin American Diaspora in Documentary Film
Ed by by Esteban E. Loustaunau and Lauren Shaw
University of Florida Press, 2018
The documentary as a medium for Latin American immigrants to share their thoughts and experiences on migration, border crossings, displacement, and identity

Tornasol. Guia para la interpretacion de textos literarios y cine
by Antonio Sobejano-Moran
Panda Publications, 2018

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