NeMLA's 55th Annual Convention

March 7-10, 2024
Boston, MA
Hotel & Convention Site: Sheraton Boston

Our Thursday opening address will be given by Rickie Solinger.
Our Friday keynote event will be given by Tiphanie Yanique.

SURPLUS is the keyword for 2024 NeMLA convention for critical and creative work that, in addition to the commonly associated meanings of profit and value, can be more broadly construed as excess or excessive, as surfeit, or what is leftover, or unwanted: an excess of emotions (anger, fear, passion, desire), for example; or surplus time (leisure or its absence); or populations rendered “surplus”—migrants, the marginalized, the unemployed, the incarcerated.

General Guidelines

  • Membership is required to submit a session proposal but not abstracts. If you participated in the previous convention, you are already a member.
  • Members may present on up to two sessions of different types (panels/seminars are considered of the same type).
  • Members cannot present the same abstract twice.
  • Abstract submissions will open in the summer, and chairs will confirm the acceptance of abstracts by October 16.
  • Once notified, please confirm your participation with chairs by accepting their invitations.
  • The deadline for Registration/Membership is December 9.

Submission Requirements