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Nomination Process

  • Nominations for open Board openings are due at nemla_nominations@nemla.org by October 1.
  • Self-nominations are welcome and except for the second vice president, positions on the board are staggered.
  • Those interested in the Second Vice President position are encouraged to contact the Executive Director for more information.
  • NeMLA's Nominating Committee will consider all nominations (based on the candidates' experience, statements, and years of involvement with NeMLA) before the membership vote.
  • For more information about the nominating process, please email nemla_nominations@nemla.org.

Voting in Board Elections

  • Elections for the CAITY Caucus, Graduate Student Caucus, and Women's and Gender Studies Caucus positions are conducted separately by each caucus.
  • All newly elected Board members begin their term at the Sunday General Meeting on the last day of the convention.
  • Deadline to vote: February 25.

Board Openings