Research Areas

The Motion Simulation Lab is actively involved in supporting interdisciplinary research projects in the following areas:

Training and Education

student driver training.

Expanding the use of driving simulation in civilian driver training, and in college education to provide a more experiential context for learning.  

Transportation Safety and Systems Engineering

transportation systems.

Integrating typically “standalone” simulator technologies in an effort to construct a simulation framework that can analyze transportation safety scenarios with greater fidelity and realism.

Clinical & Rehabilitation Research

person driving while texting.

Simulation as a partial intervention mechanism for vulnerable populations among our drivers who have cognitive deficits (e.g., ADHD, PTSD) and/or a pre-disposition for risky driving behaviors.

Simulation for Human Factors

residential driving simulation.

Leveraging the use of real-time driving simulation to induce, analyze, and measure performance deficits due to distractions, both internal and external to both driver and vehicle, while driving.