Motion Simulation Laboratory

Explore the Motion Simulation Lab

The Motion Simulation Laboratory (MSL) is a marquee SSISTL research and training facility.  The MSL serves researchers and educators for the implementation of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) in Transportation Systems.  Within the MSL, we custom design ground/air/flight/hybrid vehicle simulations for emerging applications in: clinical research (vulnerable driving populations), STEM/education and training (experiential learning), human factors analyses (driver distractions), and next-generation transportation studies (autonomous vehicles and flying cars).

The Motion Simulation Laboratory features a simRING motion-based driving simulator, which is equipped with the front end of a car mounted on a moving platform that emulates the real-life motions of a car as it reacts to turns, changes in elevation, and other road conditions.

The simRING has a 360-degree, 16-foot diameter, 6’ high screen that fully surrounds the simulator vehicle, which provides the driver with a full-fidelity depiction of surrounding traffic, landmarks, and roadway conditions. The system likewise features high-fidelity on-board controls to navigate the simulator, as well as a stereo sound system that emulates noises heard inside and outside the vehicle during a driving excursion.