Meet the Team

Now that we have explored what we have to offer, let us meet the brains and muscles behind our state-of-the-art simRING facility.

Kevin Hulme

Portrait of Kevin Hulme.

Kevin F. Hulme, CMSP, received his PhD from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University at Buffalo (UB), specializing in the multidisciplinary analysis and optimization of complex systems. For the past decade, Dr. Hulme has served as the technical lead of the Motion Simulation Laboratory at UB, where he and his team focus on the custom development of ground vehicle simulations for diverse applications in: modeling and simulation (M&S), standardization of simulators in teen driver safety, fidelity requirements in simulation system specification, multi-participant driving simulation, application of simulators in transportation safety, evaluation of next-generation vehicle technologies (e.g., urban-air mobility, Flying Cars), game-based learning and gamification in simulation-based training, and the multi-measure assessment of cognitive distractions on driver performance. Dr. Hulme is a Certified Modeling and Simulation Professional (CMSP) (#0553), a high distinction in the M&S field.

Meredith Finn

Portrait of Meredith Finn.

Meredith Finn is an undergraduate at the University at Buffalo currently working toward a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. She began working with the Motion Simulation Laboratory in 2019 when she did fabrication and design for a new steering wheel that provides the user with a more authentic experience. Now, Meredith is working toward creating a more authentic experience virtually, with the gaming software Unity. She hopes to add more complex tracks and simulate the real world in a way the MSL has yet to do!

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