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Shaping the future of transportation and logistics.

Through our cutting-edge research and interdisciplinary master's degree and graduate certificate, we create mechanisms for collaboration that can truly impact transportation on this planet.

Sustainability, Transportation and Logistics

Transportation, logistics and supply chain management provide the foundational systems that support human endeavors throughout the world. From a business standpoint, successful logistics and streamlined supply chains help to reduce operating costs, improve customer satisfaction, and boost an enterprise’s financial position. 

From a societal standpoint, transportation plays an indispensable role in maintaining social life and has a direct impact on our quality of life and the environments in which we live. Effective and sustainable transportation and logistics can:

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    Serve as a foundation for economic growth
  • city street with people walking by and a modern train coming through.
    Conserve energy and reduce pollution
  • wildfire.
    Help sustain human life and mitigate loss during disasters and extreme events
  • COVID-19 Vaccine.
    Improve public health and health care delivery

Given the broad scope of the field and the wide range of challenges and applications to which it can be applied, sustainability, transportation and logistics education and research call for a trans-disciplinary approach which integrates analytical and engineering problem-solving skills with managerial principles and creative adaptation. While most existing research centers and degree programs in transportation, logistics and supply chain management are almost exclusive to either engineering or management, UB’s Stephen Still Institute is one of only a few institutes that offer a truly joint program to meet this societal challenge while creating a more sustainable world.

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