Duke Feminist Theory Workshop Travel Grant

The UB Gender Institute provides support for doctoral students to attend Duke’s Feminist Theory Workshop (FTW), held annually in March. The FTW is a two-day long conference that combines small seminars and roundtable discussions with keynote lectures. The conference encourages collaborative conversations and sustained dialogue about feminist theory.

The UB Gender Institute will award travel grant(s) (up to $600) to Durham, North Carolina to pay for transportation and accommodation. There is no charge to participate in the workshop or for some meals during the event.

For more information about FTW, visit the workshop website.

Application Information

It is the student’s responsibility to register directly with FTW and to make travel and lodging arrangements. Receipts must be submitted for reimbursement.  The travel grant is only available to PhD students who have completed their oral exams. 

Application for the Gender Institute travel grant can be sent to ub-irewg@buffalo.edu and must include:

1. Application cover sheet, available here
2. Essay (500 words) that describes your dissertation project and how it would   benefit from the workshop; and what you believe you can contribute to FTW.
3. Two-page CV, including date oral exams completed and names of dissertation committee members.
4. Letter of support from dissertation chair (which can be sent separately).

2023 Duke Feminist Theory Workshop Travel Grant Recipients

Woman with brown long hair, smiling at the camera.

Gabriela Cordoba Vivas
PhD Candidate,
Media Studies,
University at Buffalo

Woman smiling at the camera, wearing a purple jacket.

Yuyun Sriwahyuni 
PhD Candidate,
Global Gender & Sexuality Studies,
University at Buffalo

Past Awardees

2022: Kathleen Naughton, English; Jocelyn E. Marshall, English

2020: Gabriela Cordoba Vivas, Media Studies

2019: Gabriella Nassif, Global Gender & Sexuality Studies

2018: Naila Sahar, English; Cheryl Emerson, Comparative Literature

2016: Sarah Robert, Learning and Instruction; Anne Martell, Learning and Instruction; Catherine Dawson, Visual Studies; Morani Kornberg-Weiss, English; Mopelolade Oreoluwa Ogunbowale, American Studies

2015: Fremio Sepulveda, English; Yoonha Shin, English; Elif Ege, Global Gender Studies

2014: Sangeeta Chatterji, Social Work; Kristina Darling, English; Alison Fraser, English; Yitian Zhai, Comparative Literature