Cosponsorship Grants

Good Will Cosponsorships

Upon request, the Gender Institute provides goodwill cosponsorships in the form of publicity to all reputable events related to research and education on women and gender in Western New York.

Guidelines for Financial Cosponsorships

The Gender Institute invites applications from UB faculty for grants up to $1,000 to cosponsor events related to research and education on women and gender.  

Event categories: symposia, conferences, film series, art exhibitions, guest speakers, workshops, and other events that clearly promote research and education on women and gender.

*one-paragraph description of the event.
*professional profile of guest speakers, if guest speakers are involved
*description of how the event will appeal to audiences in multiple academic disciplines
*description of the intended audience and how/why the event will attract them
*proposed budget, including other sources of funding (potential or secured)
*a report no later than one week after the event containing a short description of how it went as well as the number of attendees and their institutional affiliations. Award winners who fail to submit a report will be disqualified from future cosponsorships.

Preference will be given to:
* events connected to one or more of the Gender Institute’s current themes and/or initiatives
* events for which organizers come from more than one department or school
* events that are likely to yield significant results in terms of publications and/or effectiveness of grant as seed money and/or the strengthening of collaborative research networks

Please submit all application materials to the Gender Institute Fellowship Review Committee at The Cosponsorship Review Committee will review applications on a rolling basis.

Upcoming Cosponsored Events