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Donations to the Gender Institute's general fund will be used where they are most needed to support the Institute's mission. This could include supporting student and faculty research, community and campus events, educational programming, and more. The Gender Institute supports faculty, staff, students, and communities interested in the intricate connections between gender and other social forces, such as sexuality, race, class, health, age, religion, and place. Your donations will directly impact the breadth of our reach and will have an immediate impact on campus and in communities through research and programming. Thank you for your support. 

Impact Statements from Fellowship Awardees and Program Participants

"Thank you for believing in women, in the power of research and in particular the power of research about/from women at an international level. As a Colombian PhD student in Media Studies, I greatly appreciate your support, because without it I wouldn’t be able to connect my theoretical positioning about transnational networks of transfeminists resistance with what is going on in the field beyond the borders of the United States. Your support will help visit Colombia and Spain and will kickstart my creative project that will consist of a transmedia project that will combine archival images and interviews from activists and academics. It is an honor for me to have been awarded the Isabel S. Marcus International Research Fellowship, I believe like Dr. Marcus did, in the power of education and the building of international solidarity feminist networks of affect and research. Rest assured that I will continue her legacy because I want to live like she did a life of passionate commitment to my community." 
Gabriela Cordoba Vivas, PhD Candidate, Media Study

"I appreciate the warm, inviting environment at the Gender institute seminar room. It is a great space for folks from various research fields to congregate and dedicate time to their individual projects. The short discussion over a great lunch is the part of the meeting I most look forward to. This workshop has offered me the comfort of a routinized writing practice that I can effortless repeat every week. Working for 4 hours straight on my dissertation Monday morning sets the momentum high for the rest of the week. I have made a considerable progress in my writing thanks to these workshops and look forward to attending them in the following semester too." 
Abhipsa Chakraborty, PhD Candidate, English

“The Feminist Research Alliance events have provided me with an incubator for the development of new projects and also kept me informed about new work going on in related fields.”
Stacy Hubbard, Associate Professor, Department of English and Gender Institute Affiliate

"The most helpful part (of the PhD Writing Workshop) was having a consistent system to get the work week started. I enjoyed and got motivated by my fellow workshop participants. There was a system for accountability, but also a system for exchange of ideas and information."
Srushti Upadhyay, Phd Candidate, Sociology

"Amazing! A timely topic of discussion. Looking forward to more talks." 
Anonymous, Premilla Nadasen Signature Lecture Attendee

“This scholarship has shown me that UB and its faculty take the time and resources to promote a continuation to a world where there is better public health infrastructure and equity. As well as providing to its student to help achieve this as well. Thank you for your investment in gender equity-based research. We appreciate your dedication in this area as it is crucial.”
Nelli Kisliuk, Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient

UB Gender Institute 2022-23 Highlights include Providing Faculty Research Grants, Student Grants and Fellowships, Signature programming, and receiving increased funding in the form of a grant from the Baldy Center. Graphic includes line drawings of shaking hands, a lightbulb, three people with linked arms, and an interconnected graph with circles and lines to represent connection.