Congratulations to our 2021-22 Faculty Research Grant Awardees:

Yige Dong, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

"Women’s Work and the Politics of Livelihood in a Chinese Mill Town"


Ndubueze Mbah, Associate Professor, Department of History

"Rebellious Migrants: Forging Abolition, Cosmopolitan Identities, and Postcolonial Spaces in West Africa, 1840s-1960s"

Deborah Reed-Danahay, Professor, Department of Anthropology

"Sideways Migration Among French Women in London"


Elizabeth Scarlett, Professor, Department of Romance Languages & Literatures

"Women Authors and Women Directors: Gender Disparities in Film Adaptation"

Amy VanScoy, Associate Professor, Department of Information Science

"Conceptions of Expertise Among Librarians Through a Gender Lens"
Co-investigators: Heidi Julien, UB and Deborah Hicks, SJSU

Alexandra Zirkle, Assistant Professor
Department of Jewish Thought

"UB Humanties Working Group"

Yige Dong.
Ndubueze Mbah.
Deborah Reed-Danahay.
Elizabeth Scarlett.
Amy VanScoy.
Alexandra Zirkle.

Congratulations to our 2020-2021

PhD Dissertation Fellow

Smiling woman in a red shirt next to a stack of books.

Dana Venerable, PhD Candidate, Department of English
"Collective Composition for Weathering Black Experience: Embodying Signature Moves of 20th and 21st Century Black Performance." 

Isabel S. Marcus International Research Fellow

Azalia P. Muchransyah.

Azalia P. Muchransyah, PhD Candidate, Department of Media Study
"Media Activism and the Paradoxes of HIV Advocacy in Indonesian Prisons and Related Populations."