Disability Accommodations

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UB’s Reasonable Accommodation Policy provides a procedure for requesting accommodations for a disability or medical condition. 

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Academic Accommodations

Examples of classroom accommodations commonly include:

  • additional time for tests and examinations
  • the use of technology or note takers in the classroom
  • a reduced-distraction environment for taking tests or examinations
  • ensuring accessible housing and classroom facilities
  • sign language interpreters

Workplace Accommodations

Examples of workplace accommodations commonly include:

  • ergonomic equipment and furniture
  • software and other technology to assist with work duties
  • the reassignment of non-essential work functions, when practicable
  • time away for treatment without penalty to the employee

Resources for Faculty

You can find information about including a syllabus statement on how to obtain accommodations, designing course content so that it is accessible to everyone, arranging a media accessibility consultation, and more through the Accessibility Resources website.   

The Accessibility at UB website provides information on how to promote accessibility in your courses, as well as conferences and meetings.  This information includes guidance on ensuring that electronic information is accessible to people who use assistive technology.

Obtaining Accommodations

For Students

Students may begin the accommodation process by contacting Accessibility Resources. The Accessibility Resources website provides information about the process for requesting student accommodations.

For Faculty and Staff

Faculty or staff accommodations are coordinated through UB HR Benefits. To start the process, send an email communication to ub-hr-benefits@buffalo.edu and include the following information:

  • The reasonable accommodation that you would like to request 
  • Why it is necessary for you to have the accommodation

A full description of the employee accommodation process is available on the UB HR Benefits webpage. Please note that the accommodation process applies to all employees regardless of union affiliation. 

If you have been denied a requested accommodation, believe you have been subjected to discrimination, have concerns about your work or classroom environment, or would like other information and assistance, please contact the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

For Applicants and Members of the Public

Contact EDI for assistance.