Consultation for Faculty, Supervisors and Managers

Researchers working in a laboratory.

We can consult with you to ensure that you fulfill your obligations to prevent discrimination and harassment, and to provide reasonable accommodations.

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Your Obligations

As a supervisor, manager or instructor, you have obligations above and beyond most employees.  We can help you in meeting these obligations in areas including:

  • Appropriately responding to situations in the classroom or workplace where there is harassment or inappropriate conduct
  • Responding to an employee or student who requests an accommodation, or who may be demonstrating performance problems related to a medical condition or disability
  • Informing the necessary offices when you become aware of a sexual assault, stalking or domestic violence

Building Your Knowledge Base

We can provide training to you and your area on topics including sexual harassment, sexual assault, accommodations, recruiting for diversity and other topics that promote an inclusive workplace.  Whether you would like a full workshop or a ten-minute overview at a department meeting, we can customize something to fit your needs.

We Can Help

Please contact us if you are experiencing a problematic employee or student situation and are unsure of how to proceed.  We can assist you in exploring the issues involved and identifying strategies and solutions for moving forward.  You can call the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) anonymously at (716) 645-2266  if you would like assistance and would prefer not to disclose your name.